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Meet Our Founder

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Founder Ashley Allen created Ppali-Ppali Shipping LLC to solve the shipping problem for expats in South Korea that are looking to receive items from the US quickly. After returning to the US from her three-year stay in South Korea, Allen partnered with the Korean Post to ensure fast and simple shipping to South Korea. Thanks to Allen’s strategic partnership, Ppali-Ppali Shipping LLC can grant South Korean expats the comfort of American goods without the long waiting time and expensive fees.

How it Works

Step 1

Create an account.

Step 2

Send your package(s) to our secure mailbox.

Step 3

Fill out the delivery form

Step 4

We receive your package(s) and ship them to you

Step 5

Receive your package in 3-5 business days

Ppali-Ppali Shipping takes secure shipping seriously, confirming every package and carefully coordinating the best shipping route for you. Guaranteed the optimal secure shipping service through two-way communication and constant improvements to enhance the users’ experience.

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