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Are your services only for US citizens?

No, it is not. Our services are for anyone that has a Korean phone number, passport or customs ID number, and is capable of placing an online order within the States.


Would you need my passport or customs ID number? I may not feel comfortable providing that information.

We do need it; we can’t ship your packages without it. Our website is secure and your information is protected.


What forms of payment do you accept?

After we receive all your items and the package is weighed. An invoice is sent to you via email. Invoices can be paid via ACH bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Discover, or AMEX.


What happens if you send my package out and I have another item on the way to the mailbox, do I have to pay for the service again?

It is your responsibility to make sure everything arrives before we mail your package. We will take a picture of all your items and check the list you provided before the package is mailed. Once you approve, we will ship your package. If something comes to the mailbox after we send your package, then yes, you will have to pay for the service again.


How many dietary supplements can I mail to Korea?

You can only mail 6 bottles. If you have more than 6 bottles, we will have to put it in another package and mail it the next day.


Where should I mail my packages too?

Please mail packages to: 

Ppali-Ppali Shipping LLC: (Your Name)

375 Redondo Ave #283 Long Beach, CA 90814 


Will you look through my items?

Only if you ordered multiple products that arrive separately and need to be consolidated down to one box or moving that item to a smaller box.


Who would benefit from your services?

Anyone that needs any item(s) that aren’t available in Korea

  • Can’t be shipped directly to Korea

  • Ordering multiple products

  • Split shipping costs with a friend

  • Family member is mailing personal belongings

  • Small Businesses


What is included in the shipping price?

Shipping fee, insurance, customs fee, dimensional weight, and shipping rates are included in the shipping price.


How many pounds can I have shipped?

Maximum is 70 pounds per box. We can ship multiple boxes 2 days apart. 


How long will it take for my package to arrive in Korea?

It will take 3-4 business days to arrive. Packages going to Jeju, expect 4-5 business days.


How often are packages shipped from the U.S.?

Packages are mailed 2-3 per week. If your items do not make it to the mailbox before noon, we will mail it the next shipping day.


Can you ship CBD & THC products?

Unfortunately, we can not.


Do you ship electronics?

Yes, we do! Depending on which electronic it is, we might be able to declared it refurbished. If not, plan on paying tax when it clears customs. 


Can I ship alcohol? 

Unfortunately, we can't ship alcohol. 

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Shipping Tips

  • Do not place orders using our address as the billing address. It should be used only for shipping. If you use it as the billing address, the store may flag your order and put your account on hold.

  • Some stores will give 5-10% off of your first order if you sign up for their newsletter.

  • If you are planning to buy frequently from a specific store, you may want to register for an account and sign up for their newsletter. Most stores send unique discount offers and inform their members about new products, or give their members the right of early purchase for limited edition items.

  • Some stores offer reward programs. Do yourself a favor and sign up when you come across one of those. After each purchase the customer gets points that can be used later to receive free items or samples. Here are some websites that have reward programs: Footlocker, Finishline, Guess, Nordstrom Rack, Aldo.

  • Want to get paid for shopping? Here are some top sites for cash back service:



  • You can get great discounts, promo codes, coupons, and other good deals from the following websites: 

  • Don’t forget to shop at small businesses and boutiques! 

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