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3 Ways Ppali-Ppali Express Helps Customers Avoid Custom Fees

Lockdowns and the global pandemic caused an increase in the unemployment rates. On the contrary, online shopping also increased along with the shipping and customs fees. Many companies experienced shortages within their supply chain stimulating delays and higher prices. It seems like the price of everything has risen, but the salaries have remained the same.

Let’s face it, shipping fees are recession-proof. They do not wavier when the times get tough. With many shipping companies raising their prices, you might be asking, “Who is looking out for me?”. We are! Ppali-Ppali Express is looking out for our customers. We focus daily on saving our customers from costly customs fees between the US and South Korea through simple effective strategies.

Here are the three ways we help our customers:

1. Repackaging to Decrease Package Weight

We carefully divide large packages into multiple smaller boxes to minimize the weight and cost of shipping. Once we distribute and repackage the items, then they are shipped to South Korea. This service is no additional charge to our customers and the items are sent just two days apart.

2. Optimizing Item Condition Listing

Many people are unaware that listing items as ‘new’ can inquire about additional taxes, especially for electronics. We make sure to list appropriate items as used/refurbished on our customs forms which helps our customers tremendously. This attention to detail protects our customers from paying unnecessary fees such as a 30%-50% import tax.

3. Item Value Analysis

Improper value listing on the customs form can cause delays and extra fees since the value of goods helps the customs department determine the appropriate duties and taxes on packages. We consider and analyze products’ most recent value to save our customers the hassle of dealing with customs.

Customs fees may be increasing, but our customers don’t experience the effects which is why it's important to use experienced mail-forwarding companies, like us. Our team of experts works hard to ensure the most cost-effective shipping options for our customers.

If you know more ways in which we can help our customers save on customs fees, then comment below.



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