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What are Customers are Saying about Ppali-Ppali Express?

Albert Einstein once said, “strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Ppali-Ppali Express agrees with Mr. Einstein and strives to add value via convenience and access to our customers living in South Korea with various ways to use our services. Our customers, in return, praise us for our great results, personalized service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery.

Here is what our customers are saying:

  1. Alexia Lawson: “Would highly recommend Ppali-Ppali Express for quick, hassle-free shipping from the U.S. to Korea! I ordered online from a few shops based in the States, and PPE was able to consolidate my items and ship them here within just 3 days! Shipping with them was the best option especially since 1) some of these shops couldn't ship internationally and 2) I would have had to pay separate shipping fees had I ordered these items directly to Korea. Ppali-Ppali Express also kept me in the loop about my shipment throughout the whole process. Plus, I got some Western snacks I've been missing! Would definitely use their service again!”

  2. Jessica Cash: “I had an amazing experience with Ppali-Ppali Express. It was fast, simple and easy. The people at Ppali-Ppali Express were so helpful, especially when there was a delay with my package coming to them. They helped me through with what to do. Honestly, they have kept me from freezing this winter. I can’t thank them enough. I will definitely be using them in the future. Thank you Ppali-Ppali Express!! Update: Since this initial review, I have used Ppali-Ppali Express two more times. Both times the experiences was simply amazing. I got my packages super fast and the process was easy. For me having this type of service is amazing. Using Ppali-Ppali Express has brought me soooo much peace of mind when I have to ship things from home. Totally worth it. Plus everyone has been super friendly and helpful whenever I have reached out to them. Thank you again Ppali-Ppali express for making this journey in Korea easier for me.”

  3. Sasha Subramanyam: “100% recommend!! The entire process was so easy and seamless. The PPE team was always available to answer any of my questions. Also I sent my package during Xmas rush but I still received it in just 2 business days since the package reached them. I’m so happy to have discovered their service!!”

  4. Adele Vitale: “As a long-term resident of Korea, there are certain things that I have given up on ever finding here, but some others I just need to get from time to time. Working with Korean forwarding companies can be rather frustrating even when you speak the language, so I was excited to try PpaliPpali -- and they didn't disappoint! While fees might be higher than the Korean equivalent, they make up for it in kindness, ease, and speed (and even added a sweet little freebie!). My shopping experience was a dream! Will definitely be using again~”

  5. Sewa Oyedele Caleb:“ I highly recommend PPE!! I’ve been wanting to buy this product from RadSwan that doesn’t ship to Korea & I’m so glad I used PPE. They messaged me every step of the way, gave me a tracking number for my box and it was delivered within the week! Plus! My MunchPack is AWESOME! I put that I missed eating puffy Cheetos and guess what was in my munch pack? PUFFY CHEETOS!! I’m going to be using their services exclusively from now on.“

We listen to what our customers need and what they are saying about us. Our customers have many reasons to love Ppali-Ppali Express, as you can see and we appreciate our customers’ feedback.



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