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5 Ways to Use Ppali-Ppali Express

Living abroad can be daunting when shipping, especially for those in South Korea. Some companies don’t ship to the country or charge a premium for international shipping. How are you supposed to complete your year-long contract abroad without your favorite goodies? Of course, your first response is to order them online.

People are online shopping more, but packages are arriving slowly or not at all. According to Clutch, 51 percent of online shoppers did not receive at least one package they ordered online in the past six months. Only a tiny percentage of the 528 people Clutch surveyed claimed their packages were stolen. However, 32 percent said that their packages got lost in the mail.

“If a package is lost in the mail, it’s often due to the shipping label being incorrect or falling off,” says Karen Sign, Principal at Kersch Partners, a business management consulting firm that offers supply chain and consumer packaging consulting. Expats living in South Korea need a reliable company to trust when sending their valuables across the world.

Ppali-Ppali Express is available for anyone living in South Korea that needs items that aren’t available in Korea or don’t ship to Korea. We guarantee quick and safe shipping through our exclusive partnership with Korea Post. You can send your favorite international brands or personal belongings to our secured US mailbox and receive your items in Korea in three to five days.

Who uses Ppali-Ppali Express?

Ppali-Ppali Express is for anyone living in South Korea that needs or wants goods that will not ship to a Korean address. This includes international students, foreign guest teachers, small expat business owners, the American military, bloggers and influencers based in South Korea, and families or friends with loved ones living in South Korea. As long as you have a Korean customs code or passport number, Ppali-Ppali Express can mail your items to South Korea.

Ways to Use Ppali-Ppali Express:

1. Purchase items that can’t directly ship to South Korea

Some companies in the US or UK don’t ship their products to South Korea, even when using an American military address. Ppali-Ppali Express acts as a mail forwarding service for situations like this. The secured mailbox is based in the US and is used for all legally approved items. Small businesses in the US often do not offer international shipping to South Korea or US military addresses. With Ppali-Ppali Express, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite small or large brands. We offer simple, secure, quick delivery from the US to South Korea.

2. Split the costs with a friend

Why carry the burden alone when you can share a box with a friend? This way, you and your friend save each other time and money by sharing one package. Ppali-Ppali Express can combine your items and ship them together. Just let us know who you are communicating with, and we will confirm all items to be shipped.

3. Consolidate multiple packages

There is no need to ship multiple packages one by one; we will collect all your packages and combine them into one box. Ppali- Ppali Express will consolidate your containers into a smaller, more cost-effective option. However, packages such as electronics or fragile items can not be reduced to avoid damage risks. Nevertheless, paying one shipping price to send multiple packets to SK is an added benefit of shipping with Ppali-Ppali Express.

4. Have family and friends send personal items or care packages

We understand that expats living in South Korea aren’t the only ones to ship packages to South Korea. Ppali-Ppali Express is also available to friends and family that need to send it to their loved ones in South Korea. They can ship directly to Ppali-Ppali Express's secured mailbox, and we will forward the package to you. This service is perfect for sending your winter coats or shoes that didn’t fit into your luggage.

5. To ship US wholesale packages for your Korean-based small business

Are wholesale shipping costs from the US killing your business budget? Then allow Ppali-Ppali Express to save you time and money by using us as your middle man. Business owners can expect the same fast 3-5 day delivery as our customers and save on international shipping fees by sending bulk items to our secure mailbox. We can consolidate them or send them in the original packaging to your business in South Korea. Ppali-Ppali Express is an excellent option for small businesses in Korea, especially when stocking up products for local flea markets.

Whether you’re living inside of South Korea longing for the comforts of home or you’re living in the US trying to send a care package to South Korea, Ppali- Ppali Express has a cost-effective and quick shipping solution. We minimize the chances of your packages being lost or stolen in transit. You can expect an effortless, prompt, secure shipping service with none of the hassle or stress.

Comment below on other ways Ppali- Ppali Express can benefit those living in South Korea.



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