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5 Reasons Why You Should Ship to South Korea with Ppali-Ppali Express

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Even before COVID-19 hit, shipping internationally to South Korea for expats took forever. In addition to the long wait time, shipping

was expensive and many packages never reached their destination. The uncertainty and risks around shipping items to South Korea left many expats feeling defeated.

That’s where Ppali-Ppali Express comes in. Pail-Ppali Express gets your items from the US to their destination in South Korea the quickest, safest, and most affordable way possible.

The professional freight-forwarding company is the result of a former South Korean expat’s desire to ease that South Korean international shipping hassle for others still living abroad.

Here are five reasons why Ppali-Ppali Express should handle all of your international South Korean shipping:

1. Efficient Logistics

Ppali-Ppali Express specializes in finding the most efficient ways to ship your items from point A to point B, with as little hassle and as much speed as possible. This includes contacting and partnering with trusted third-party companies to execute the optimal shipping route for fast delivery

2. Flexible Transportation

With a network of professional movers and shippers, Ppali-Ppali Express ensures secure and safe transportation of your items through to its final destination. The company’s logistics capacity means that there is always a solution for any distance.

3. Careful Tracking

Organization is at the heart of Ppali-Ppali’s professional parcel-forwarding success. Every route is strategically planned before your item is even picked up, and every movement is charted and tracked by a team of experts. Your package is always accounted for every step of the way. It's guaranteed to be in the best hands at all times.

4. Shipping Industry Expertise

Ppali-Ppali Express is committed to providing you with the most current shipping and transportation practices available. The company utilizes industry experts along with it’s own knowledge to enhance your shipping service. Ppali-Ppali Express is always eager to learn about recent industry developments, changes to customs laws, and customer concerns.

5. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

At Ppali-Ppali Express the highest loyalty is to customer satisfaction. If at any point you have concerns or questions about the process, they are happy to work with you to answer those questions and work out a transportation plan that fits your exact specifications.

Ppali-Ppali Express combines professional experience, industry know-how, and logistical expertise to ensure quick and affordable delivery.

If you have any questions, or are interested in using Ppal-Ppali Express services, please contact us at



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